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Lady Grange and her Angel... Not the President......

Here is a small selection of other books available as Kindle downloads, or as real, printed books (from Amazon - okay, okay: how real do you want them to be, exactly?).
Arguably, not good enough for a needy publisher to splash out hard-earned cash. But good enough, say my nearest and dearest. And that ought to be good enough for you.

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Independence! they cry Revolyushun! The Unfortunate Lady Grange - or, more exactly and more importantly, the Cherub of Desire who took pity on the unfortunate lady, with no concern for her own safety;
Rebel Turkeys, whose aspirations to foment world-wide revolution - an entirely praiseworthy aim, if you think about it - overcome a host of running-dog fascistic counterplots;
Ghostly Golfers on a golf-course owned by a certain US billionaire with a bad hair-do and ambitions to become a most powerful man indeed (it need not be said that this man is unimpeachable;
Slumbering Hollywood stars in the entirely real village of Brigadoon, which puts in an appearance at a most ill-considered period in history..